Little REM Writing Loop

by Gwen Hadley

Once upon an operating system, in a cassette on the 12-edge of the forest, there resided a binary decimal digit. She was counted by her REM statements whenever she went looping, and so she was labeled Little REM Writing Loop.

One day, Little REM Writing Loop's matrix called her from her subroutine. "Will you convey this disk pack to your nano-matrix?" she printed. "She is off-line, today, and I am processed about her. Her subsystem has been listing as of late, and I can only conclude that she is headed for third storage."

"Oh, to be positive, Matrix!" was Little REM Writing Loop's voice-response; for she felt right justified whenever she looped down to her nano-matrix's address.

"Be deterministic as you thread your way through the forest," her matrix warned in a guarded Command. "There could be an optical scanner INFILE. If he monitors this disk pack, he will signal that your nano-matrix is an ALGOLic, when the truth is that she is bugged only by a post condition." She structured Little REM Writing Loop's parenthesis over her Is. "You wouldn't want that to be printed out, would you, Little REM Writing Loop?"

"Oh, that wouldn't mark sense!" returned Little REM Writing Loop. "There are only APLs in this disk pack!"

"Then, BEGIN," instructed her matrix. "I hope your character recognition is Greater than mine."

So Little REM Writing Loop SKIPped out into the forest along the outer loop. In spite of her matrix's Implied Dos, she STOPped to pick some square roots in an address field along the slack path. "This isn't a TAN function," she theorized, "but there is an unambiguous array of hybrids here, and I shall gather them for my dear nano-matrix."

She was picking macro facsimilies when suddenly she encountered an invoice. "Why are you indexing out here among the trees, Little REM Writing Loop?" modulated the invoice.

Little REM Writing Loop raised here (I)s. Dimensioned nearby was a blinking cursor! An optical scanner! A real negative number! Little REM Writing Loop's intuition warned her against time-sharing with this syntactic character, but he was JOSSing. He couldn't possibly have any logical desgin on her!

"I'm looping to my nano-matrix's threshold with this 8-bit disk pack," she returned. "Nano-matrix is off-line, today."

"Oh," replied the optical scanner. "Where does your nano-matrix reside?"

"She resides in the discrete structure beside the CODASYL," returned Little REM Writing Loop.

Little REM Writing Loop segmented herself from the optical scanner and continued to her nano-matrix's address.

The blinking cursor waited till she had gone into her subroutine loop. Then, he SKIPped through the forest and soon arrived at the nano-matrix's discrete structure. He drummed on the file.

"Who is INFILE?" called Nano-matrix.

"It's Little REM Writing Loop," returned the optical scanner with binary invoice.

"Why, just punch the key and $ENTRY," replied Nano-matrix.

When Nano-matrix recognized the blinking cursor, she vectored and sequenced out of access. Through the network she listed, with the optical scanner on her track.

Then, he STOPped. Instead of auditing her, he SEARCHed through her master file until he found Nano-matrix's most exponential macro. He assumed it and hopped into Nano-matrix's source deck.

Soon, there can a magnetic drum at the file.

"Who is INFILE?" called the optical scanner invoicing like Nano-matrix.

"It's Little REM Writing Loop, Nano-matrix," replied Little REM Writing Loop.

"Just punch the key and $ENTRY," replied the blinking cursor.

Little REM Writing Loop OPENed the file and $ENTRYed into Nano-matrix's structure. She STOPped, and her (I)s left their data base when she looked the optical scanner interface as he multiplexed in her nano-matrix's source deck.

"FORTRAN! WATFOR! Nano-matrix, what amBIGuous (I)s you have!"

"The easier you are initialized, my dear," returned the optical scanner.

"And, Nano-matrix," stated Little REM Writing Loop, "what three-dimensional antannae you have!"

"The better to audit you with, my dear," returned the blinking cursor...

"But, Nano-matrix," declared Little REM Writing Loop, "what sharp brackets you have!"

"The better to byte you with," argued the optical scanner. And he LEAPed out of the source deck.

Suddenly, there was a transfer of control. Little REM Writing Loop's Nano-matrix came looping in, and with here, a member of the JCL.

"There he is," cried the nano-matrix, pointing to the optical scanner.

The blinking cursor truncated his stochastic response when he spied the JCL. He indexed around Nano-matrix's decision table and around her analog and took direct access to the outer loop with JCL right behind him. The JCL loaded a disk cartridge and blanked the optical scanner with a laser beam.

Little REM Writing Loop backuped her Nano-matrix and helped her into her source deck, for Nano-matrix was at an odd parity, implemented as she was by an advanced integer problem. "I have been out of SORT, in virtual storage lately," she told Little REM Writing Loop, "but LET us sample the APLs."

So Little REM Writing Loop and her Nano-matrix sampled the APLs until the disk pack was empty and Nano-Matrix's core storage was loaded. And they were never interpolated by the optical scanner again.

"There is a Hierarchy than he," declared Nano-matrix, "and everyone is right justified in the output."


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